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Hot Melt Glue 

Morten Holten Petersen, aka Holten101 

For hikes, hunts or any prolonged period away from "civilization" I have found a simple and very reliable solution for many hard to fix repairs and odd jobs. It consists of a few sticks of hot-melt glue or hot melt adhesive (HMA) (aka glue sticks for hot glue guns) and a suitable heat source --usually a lighter or a candle (a bonfire will do too).

HMA will adhere to most materials including wood, steel, leather and most plastics/polymers like nylon. I have successfully made field repairs of holes and gashes in inflatable mattresses, tents, rainwear and boots as well as fastened rests, handle wraps and arrow points.

My repair kit doesn't include a heat gun, so all I do is heat the tip of the glue stick until it becomes transparent--its okay if it boils, but avoid overheating (glue gets brown to black). When hot you simply apply the glue by dabbing the area you intend to repair. If two items are to be glued together then you will only have a window of a few seconds to work in, so have everything ready. For larger repairs I have found that a fast reheating with the lighter after application will increase the bond. Only reheat with an open flame IF the material permits it; wood, steel and leather usually will, nylon will NOT.

HMA is, in my experience, a non-toxic, all weather, durable, flexible and easy to use "repair-it-all" with wondrous in-the-field qualities. It can't leak, it won't dry out, it will harden in wet, dry, cold and warm climates and the whole package weighs less than an ounce and takes up virtually no space.


Posted By Traditional Shooter Administration  on Sep 4th, 2010 


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