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Is My Cast Iron Ruined If It Has Rusted 

Guy Perkins 

(Q) Is My Cast Iron Ruined if it Has Rusted?

(A) No. Here are photographs of a neglected TDO-20 (The Ultimate Turkey Roaster). After smoke cooking a turkey the pot was left outside for a couple weeks during the winter months in indirect weather. The rust you see inside is a flash rust coupled with left over turkey drippings.

The pot was turned over to our resident cast iron seasoning guru. First he scraped as much junk as possible out of the pot. Adding low heat and using leather gloves and a metal spoon, he was able to remove the next layer. The pot was then left on a medium heat to burn the rest to ash and remove any seasoning left in the pot. Seasoning is the shiny, black patina that keeps food from sticking in the pot.

Now at raw (unseasoned) cast iron he allowed the pot to cool and applied Camp Chef's Cast Iron Conditioner.

Moral of the story…most cast iron can be saved. Some iron may crack if left exposed to direct heat. This method carries no warranty or liability responsibility.


Posted By Traditional Shooter Administration  on Sep 4th, 2010 


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