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Outfitters Review (#9): Trophy Bear Hunt 
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Trophy Bear Hunt 
Black Bear 
30 years
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June 15, 2007 
Any Weapon 
Black Bear 

This was a place with huge potential for big bears. Unfortunately when we went, things were pretty rough. The outfitter described the camp as tents with wood floors. In reality we slept in a wrecked cargo trailer with holes in the roof. The only tent was an old green army tent where they cooked our meals with a dusty dirt floor. The bathroom was a two sided affair made from a blue tarp and showers were non-existent. We did see plenty of bears but they were small to medium size. The Camp manager was a native and told us he didn't know what happened to all the big bears because he and his buddies had shot several off the baits before we arrived. Say What!?!

Anyway.... I'm not sure the outfitter knew what all was going on because he basically left everything up to the camp manager. We spoke to him about several of these issues before we left. He wasn't too happy but needed some feedback on how to improve the operation. We also mentioned that he might want to move the barrels of dead beaver carcasses a little farther from our sleeping trailer. It got kind of ripe when the wind set down in the evenings.

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Trophy Bear Hunt 
One of us ended up with a medium sized bear shot on the next to last day of the hunt. The outfitter was a nice enough guy, he just needed a little better set up. Hopefully this place has stepped it up and is providing better camps for hunters. Its a prime area with lots of potential. The hunt dates listed are approximate. I couldn't remember the exact days we were there. 
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